Wedding Packages

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes. The amount you will spend on décor is dependent upon how the venue is decorated already (does it need a lot or a little embellishment?), how many components you wish to have, and how premium are the flowers you want. That said, we have broken up our choices into three categories

Simple Package This choice will include your bridal bouquet, maids bouquets and men's boutts and ladies corsages. Depending on how many you need, we may also be able to do some reception décor ~ $650

Something More This option entitles you to all of the Simple Package and adds on $1000 in additional décor such as centerpieces, an arch piece, hair and cake flowers, and perhaps some pew markers and or aisle petals ~ $2250

Carte Blanche This is for the bride and groom who want lots of flowers and probably premium flowers! It includes everything in the Something More package plus extras including place settings, Bride and Groom Chair Décor, upgraded centerpieces, an elaborate aisle petal design and/or pew markers ~ $4000

Package prices are certainly not set in stone, but give you a framework. We can add or take-away from any package to suit your personal preferences and budget. I would love to get together with you and discuss in person or online what your vision is, and more importantly what your tastes and personal style are!